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Integer Factorization Project

The problem of distinguishing prime numbers from composite numbers is ... known to be one of the most important and useful in arithmetic. ... The dignity of the science itself seems to require that every possible means be explored for the solution of a problem so elegant and so celebrated.

NOTE : most code herein requires either the Gnu Multiple Precision library or the Large Integer Package.

Factoring Algorithms

There are a near infinite number of books that have been written on number theory, cryptography, and the like. I am only recommending those books with which I have had prolonged contact; these are the books dealing with number theory and related disciplines that I am confident are worth their cover price.
  • Herstein, I.N., Abstract Algebra, 1996.
  • Koblitz, Neal, Course in Number Theory and Cryptography, 1994.
  • Kumanduri, Ramanujachary, Number Theory with Computer Applications, 1998.
  • LeVeque, William, Fundamentals of Number Theory, 1977.
The following papers are also worthwhile. Intractable, but worthwhile.