Soon after being exposed to Unix, a shortcoming in terminal games was evident. The lab was short on machines running or hosting X windows, and as an avid player on minesweeper-styled games, I found it impossible to believe that there was no variant of the game for terminals.

Fortunately, being Unix, a solution was rapidly forthcoming. I could write it myself.

Reasonably current tar file, gzipped.
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The first version of sweep was my first independent programming venture. Truly abysmal, I abandond the source tree when I realized that large sections of the code were completely uninteligible. On inspection, it was evident that it was the work of a fledgling programmer. For example, I initially made heavy use of scanf(). At one point, someone taught me to use fgets() and atoi() instead, and avoid buffer overruns. Rather that rewrite the old code, I simply wrote the newer modules with fgets(), and left the old using scanf(). About the best thing that can be said for it is that it did run, and played quite nicely on Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, and ULTRIX.

The spring of 1997 brought the start of a complete rewrite, which is still under way. The current version features:

Planned features: