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The Adventurers Club
All of the Above
web page for All of the Above, a GURPS APA.
Alsirat: The Bridge to Heaven Over the Chasm of Hell
Alsirat is an online magazine of written and visual horror which includes in its purview horror roleplaying. We are seeking submissions of fiction, nonfiction, reviews, poetry, and interviews for our September issue.
Apocrypha E-Zine
Arcane is a new magazine designed for people like you. It has news, reviews and features covering all aspects of fantasy gaming. It'll focus on roleplaying games but will also include collectable card games, computer gaming, sci-fi and fantasy novels, miniatures and anything else you can think of that's related to the roleplaying hobby.
Australian Realms
web page for the zine of the same name.
The Crucible Archives
back issues of The Crucible, a Talislanta fanzine.
d8 Web Site
some goodies, in addition to ad copy and info on back issues.
Dragon/Polyhedron index
An online, searchable version of the QWIC index originally created by S. Vincent Gray.
E-Scape Magazine
available in .pdf, with back issues also converted to .html.
Elsewhere Online
the Web home of Elsewhere Magazine. Elsewhere is dedicated to coverage of roleplaying and PBM issues and culture, including news, reviews, humour, competitions, reader contributions (see below) and freebies.
FØNIX, a Rollespilsmagasinet
The owner has confirmed that this is an RPG e-zine, and mentioned that gamle Nyheder, or "Old News," is some old Usenet postings, all in English
Fantasy Realms Journal APA
Also contains info on Fantasy Realms RPG(TM), Mystic Earth(TM) and the Fantasy Realms Journal Mailing List.
Fractal Spectrum
Interregnum is a monthly Amateur Press Association comprised of individual zines written and formatted by various authors and mailed to the editor for collation, reproduction, and binding. The primary focus is roleplaying games, fantasy, and science fiction.
Interregnum Home Page
Interregnum (IR) is a _non-commercial_ amateur press association/magazine, covering roleplaying games and general topics of science fiction and fantasy from an adult point of view. Past issues have included original fiction, book, movie, and TV reviews, original scenarios, comedy, solo games, and pretty much anything else imaginable.
KAOS Online
Italy's foremost RPG magazine has a web site. beyond that, it's all Greek to me (well actually, Italian).
Lancaster and Northwest Adventurer
A Monthly newsletter run by students in Lancaster U.K. Our aim is to provide details of LaRPs and RPGs all over the North west of England.
Mort Central
Declan's SLA Industries eZine.
The Orphan Games Gazette
TOGG will be a freely-distributed electronic fanzine devoted to keeping alive games and game systems that others have abandoned
Pyramid Magazine
Sanctum Hermeticum
A slowly blossoming online Ars Magica fanzine.
Scribe is an electronic magazine devoted to role-playing games. We launched in February 1995 and have had more than out share of growing pains. Future issues will feature lots of reviews. In fact, we plan to update the reviews list every two weeks or so depending on what we get in.
Secret Masters of Fandom
Well, were not so secretive, and we haven't quite mastered anything yet, but we are fans of all sorts of Speculative Fiction. SMOF is an organization of enthusiasts with interests in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Includes some specific RPG stuff, and also E-scape, the Digital Journal of Speculative Fiction.
Seventh Moon
Seventh Moon is a young and energetic company that will bring you RPG products that are written by mature gamers, for mature gamers. To start off, our magazine will be out in mid 1996. Our products will be thoughtful and intelligent, but not pretentious. They will inform, provoke, and add depth and enjoyment to your game sessions.
Shadis Magazine
Sharp End
Welcome to issue 1 of The Sharp End, an irregular not-quite-fanzine dealing with issues and techniques in running role-playing games. We aim to be of use mainly to those who run games, though players may also find material of interest here.
An online preview of the SkyRealms of Jorune fanzine, in .pdf format.
Sunspot is an electronic magazine written by, for, and about people who enjoy fantasy and science fiction, and who are also heavily into role-playing games and tabletop miniatures games. Very well laid out.
A WWW-based role-playing game 'Web zine, with articles, links, some art, and home pages for a few rpg publishers. Brought to you by Black Gate Publishing
Tinkle Bavard
Has a bit about the fanzine, including subscription info.
Traveller Chronicles Online
A magazine devoted to Traveller in all of its forms.
Treasure Map
The official newsletter of the Dungeons of Purdue.
Valkyrie is a role playing magazine published every two months and is available through your local newsagent. The website includes a lot of stuff from back issues.
Vision Quest Online
White Light, White Heat




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