All Things Cool and Mecha Related
Pretty much what the name says. Covers MechWarrior, Mekton, Robotech, etc.
Campaign Notes for Robotech
Destroid Page
On this page you will find all kinds of info about destroids, the info is not all made by me, I linked some Destroid stats from Jeremy Pace's and Egan Loo's homepages.
Fox's Robotech Page
Jeff Lee's Palladium Page
info on Palladium Books, and for Rifts, Heroes Unlimited, and Robotech.
Joe's Happy Joyous Coalition Bashing Circus
Welcome to my web page dedicated to Rifts by Palladium games. This page started as statistics for Joe's Happy Joyous Coalition Bashing Circus, a traveling side show owned by my longest running character in Rifts, but has evolved into a general Rifts page.
Palladium FAQ
as the name says; not official
the Palladium Homepage
lots of good stuff, and a good index of other Palladium-related sites.
RMR Info Page
also includes info on The Robotech Federation.
Robotech 2100
another net.supplement
Robotech Mecha
Some new mecha, inspired by Macross II, with game stats
Swamy's Robotech Page
Third Invid War



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